As we continue across this path of self-discovery, we come to understand our Dharma, or purpose in life. Often, it’s so simple we are quick to overlook it. Through a process of self-inquiry and reflection, we analyze our beliefs, thoughts and uncover our most authentic self. In this process of self-discovery, we remember our true nature. This awakens our passion in life and opens doors to greater potential.

The purpose of my blog is to share my passions and philosophy on life in hope that by sharing such; others may find more peace, experience more energy and greater potential.

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About me

As a kid I struggled from learning disabilities (Dyslexia, ADD and severe anxiety). Depending on the doctor, and also depending on my hyperactive level at that time, I was diagnosed with either ADD or ADHD. The combination of these challenges crippled my self-esteem and confidence at a very early age. Having to learn how to heal and outgrow these challenges (without any medications), was the spark that ignited my passion around learning and human potential.

Through a series of accidents (auto/farm), health imbalances, and the after-math of childhood trauma, I have found that anything can be changed and anything can be healed. As we reflect, analyze and question all our thoughts, our self-imposed limitations are revealed. In this, the lessons from the struggles we have become more apparent and there is much gratitude in that. Personally, I see the dark nights of the soul, as a journey back to the self. Learning how to open up, breathe and direct our imagination is key. Silence is our best guide.

As a teacher on meditation, mindfulness and emotional intelligence, I’ve become very passionate about heart-centered leadership. Utilizing methods that allow in-depth feeling and interpretation of the emotional data allows for a deeper connection and understanding. In doing so, we’re able to create a safe environment that fosters creativity, freedom and authentic self-expression. Uniting with my honey (Annette) of a similar journey, has allowed for us to combine our efforts and talents for creating products, offering workshops, and various teachings.