The Power of Reflection

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It’s important to reflect on our own actions as well as others, so that we might think before judging and inquire before jumping to conclusions, especially around the holidays. Too often we are quick to judge others without even considering what they might going through.  If we took the time to hear their ‘story’ we would likely not judge them at all.

Life is filled with challenges.  By reflecting on our thoughts, that is questioning our thoughts and actions, we change. It’s not about changing another person and more about how we change to maintain our own inner peace. Often we blame and point at others as the cause of our pain. This leads to the notion of “if only they would change…” which places the power of your emotions outside yourself. This is a sure path to constant conflict. Allow them to be who they are and choose your own path while exercising compassion for peace of mind.

Exercising compassion

Compassion breeds happiness. The more compassionate we are towards others, the more compassionate we become towards ourselves. What we think and feel we impress the unconscious mind with. By exercising compassion more towards others, we feel those emotions inwardly, causing us to automatically become easier on the self. Through compassion we expand our self-worth and diminish the inner critic, naturally increasing how we feel about ourselves.

If someone is acting out and being hurtful, understand that they are coming from a place of pain. This does not justify their actions, nor does it mean to make excuses for their behavior. It’s about you freeing your mind from the stories and judgment. How do you suppose you might respond without judgment?

By exercising compassion, we avoid amplifying the problem and free ourselves from critical judgment. This brings us more inner peace and raises our awareness, allowing for us to make more mindful choices. In doing this we find ourselves creating new experiences and becoming free from old patterns.

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