The Power of Presence

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Have you ever pondered on what it means to be fully present in the moment? Have you ever thought about what that looks and feels like?

The other day I was playing with my niece and observing her light. She ran around and laughed non-stop for several hours. She is such a beacon of light, living fully in every moment. She didn’t stop and think “whats going to happen tomorrow” or “who will I play with later”, she simply embraced each moment. There was no thought of planning or logical thinking in her mind. She resembled pure presence in the moment as she just flowed with life. Later on, my honey and I were talking about her presence which led me to sharing some thoughts around it and how it pertains to our inner state of being and creation.

Observing the presence in children

We can learn so much by observing children when they are in their natural state of flow. Often it seems like we forget how to have fun in this playground called life. The journey of adulthood, filled with conditioning, in many ways dismisses our inner child. It’s as though we forget that we still have this inner child within us, playing out through unconscious patterns. This inner child simply desires to live fully in each and every moment, without conditioning or any attempt to control life. It simply embraces each and every moment fully, without a single thought in mind. It’s pure self-expression and pure freedom. Control is simply the opposite, perpetuating patterns of fear and anxiety, as the mind attempts to grasp onto a false sense of security. When we’re fully present, that all subsides.

Imagine more, plan less

I use to think that I had to plan things out in every detail. I’ve started a few businesses over the years, and spent countless hours planning, worrying, as I attempted to account for every possible situation. The result was very little progress with a large amount of stress. It resulted in more planning with endless hours of work and little joy. Anymore, I no longer plan things out in detail. Instead, I use my imagination and play it out in a fun game-like fashion. I might incorporate some light planning, but I no longer go into the details. I simply imagine the end result over and over again. I imagine more and plan less. In that, I find myself knowing exactly what to do as I tap into my inner guidance. I find myself living more by faith, which is really embracing an inner knowing with each and every moment. It is the absence of doubt, trusting in the process of life and no longer resisting or interfering with it.

Creative flow

It’s almost as though our inner guidance awakens and flows through our inner child. We simply need to learn how to get out of our own way. Recently, my wife and I started a business. We didn’t plan much at all, we simply followed our inner guidance. It was an idea we had a while back, and at first we thought we would “plan” things out differently or at a later time. Then, we were quickly reminded how to get back into the flow. When we did, everything flowed together so effortlessly that it appeared to others as if it happened over night. One of the things my honey often says is “the most important thing is that we feel good”, and if we don’t then we know we are out of alignment and attempting to over compensate with logic and force. Its a good reminder that life is about enjoyment, and when we are having fun, things will flow. When we are too logical, we are often more resistant to life and miss this entirely. When we are in this flow, there is no fear just complete joy and freedom.

Presence is the power

When we live life solely based on logic, we find ourselves living from a very limited space of power. It becomes more about living from our conscious mind and less about living from the power house within us, the subconscious mind. In doing so, we often attempt to over compensate with force as we dismiss our inner guidance. When we are fully present in the moment, we become so immersed in that moment that our mind remains free from thought. This is the space where our inner guidance resides. I have countless stories where my inner guidance has helped me with complex issues or challenging situations. If this is new to you it might feel very different at first. As it’s you connecting with your true nature. But once you do you’ll feel more at home within your body than ever before. That is where home resides, not out there, but within the self. When we feel at home within, the outer world will match. This simple practice alone is often attributed to miraculous healing in the body.

Play with it for yourself and just notice how it opens you up to life.

Present living is a practice, a harmonious integration of the adult self with our inner child.

Until next time,

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