Limitations of Static Truth

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Everything is in constant flux, both on this planet and beyond. Everything is energy, always in motion. Nature reflects this. Why is it that we perceive truth differently? It too is always changing and expanding. The minute we think we have truth defined as something static, we get stuck in the ego, which then becomes more about validating our fixed ideas and less about expanding and discovering. A fixed idea creates filters that inhibit us from viewing beyond.

Truth is a pathless land, and you cannot approach it by any path whatsoever…
J Krishnamurti

For many years, I emerged myself in learning new skills and testing new concepts as I became very curious about the inner workings of life. In my process of discovery and healing I went through a few phases where I thought I had discovered “the truth” only to find myself creating plateaus in my conscious growth. I was attaching to ideas and concepts, not realizing the boxes they imposed on my life. With my out-of-body practices I would occasionally find myself blocked due to limiting beliefs. As I questioned and reflected in my waking state, I found clarity on what I needed to release in order for me to go beyond. As we question we begin to see the benefits and limitations of beliefs.

The power of belief

Beliefs are like double-edged swords, as they can work for us or against us. For example, a belief that one can heal, when practiced, leads to knowing and thereby healing. A belief that one cannot heal (or do a thing) leads to limitations or a lack of healing. When I coached people in the past, the ones that were open to healing experienced healing, whereas the ones that were not open to healing did not heal. The same concept applies to success with starting a business for example. If one believe they will be successful in their business they will remain curious and creative, and ultimately find their business succeeding. On the other hand if one is constantly doubting or fearing failure of their business, they find themselves stressed and overworked and eventually end up closing doors. The starting point begins first with the belief that IT IS POSSIBLE, and we need to look only within for such guidance and understanding.

In 21 days to form a habit, I wrote briefly about Sir Roger Bannister who was the first to run a mile in under four minutes back in 1954. Prior to this, scientists and doctors said it was physically impossible for the human body to run a mile in less than four minutes. Mr Bannister went beyond the collective beliefs into his inner being, to challenge this collective “fixed idea”. Shortly after he broke the record, many others followed and broke his record with even shorter times. It all started by Bannister breaking the record, which shattered the collective beliefs. This made the seemingly impossible task become possible in the minds of others. Bannister first had to believe in himself and go beyond what others defined as possible. As we question collective beliefs such as these, we open the doors to amazing potential.

The breakdown of beliefs

A belief is just a series of repetitive thoughts which create mental habits. When we attach to a belief it becomes true for the self, but ONLY at the level the belief is accepted. Each belief creates a box around it and plays out in our life until questioned. When we question our beliefs, we find that nothing is static, nothing is certain, and there is great freedom in that. I had the privilege of seeing Wayne Dyer at a Hay House event many years ago. One of the things he spoke about was tribal consciousness, which is the result of listening to and accepting the collective thoughts and beliefs of others. He said he left the tribe years ago and no longer partakes. The tribal ideas and beliefs are said to be true because they can be replicated in the tribe. However, they are often proven differently outside the tribe. Tribal consciousness is really a form of hypnosis. When we go beyond what others define as possible, we find ourselves in a world of playgrounds with infinite potential and possibility.

The Tao that can be told is not the eternal Tao. The name that can be named is not the eternal name.
-Tao De Ching

Truth, a living thing

In the first verse of the Tao De Ching, it states the Tao cannot be explained and once it is explained, it is no longer the TAO. This serves as a beautiful example of what happens when we attempt to define things. Once we define it, the mind wants to attach to it as a “fixed idea” and when that happens we have lost it. Sort of like meditation, when someone first experiences states that are often defined as bliss or enlightenment, they attempt to go back to that previous experience. It’s not about attaching and replaying a past experience, but rather a process of infinite expansion. This allows for one to expand into a greater experience with each one being more expansive than the previous one.

Truth is to be experienced and then released for greater understanding.

We can attempt to define truth, but ultimately words lead to fixed ideas; all of this is subjective! It comes down to the individual to do the necessary work to experience it. Just like seeking a meditation teacher, they provide you with their experiences and guidance (along with their beliefs), but that does nothing for you if you do not actually practice meditating. Through practice you experience and experience leads to a depth within you that is beyond this world. Just like truth, it is an experience that comes from within the self, which expands with us as we grow and change. It’s a realization of our true nature. When truth becomes static, it becomes dead, and here is where we see it passed down as a partial or mechanical truth. At the level we remain flexible and present with this, we remain free of inner conflict. When the mind is free from itself, it becomes open and curious, fully able to embrace what is. Then truth finds us, and no outward seeking is ever required.

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