Living From The Heart

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As children, before conditioning, we radiate love and openness to life. We live more presently with gratitude in every moment. We look at life with so much appreciation and joy. It’s pure living from the heart without interference of the mind. As adults, we are quick to forget this inner child and how we once viewed the world. Perhaps it’s due to conditioning or unhealed painful experiences that lead to hardening of the heart. The hardening of the heart creates a disconnect within from our true self, leading to voids with an endless thirst.

Here are a few things to ponder on. When was the last time you laughed like a little child? When was the last time you had a good ole belly laugh, where your sides hurt from laughing so much? In some practices a deep belly laugh is used to initiate an emotional release, leading to a healing from physical and mental imbalances. Laughter in general works wonders in expanding our passion for life and happiness. As we embrace our inner child, our authentic self comes out to play in this game called life.

Free mind, open heart

As we go back to living from the heart, we live more presently with a childlike essence. We become free from stories and past pains. This includes things such as labels, illness and how we identify with our self. In this we shift from our mind as our primary source of guidance. Think about how you might perceive things without critical judgments, past stories, or past pain. How would you feel about yourself? How might you live if you were free of fear from what others thought?

If we continue to project from our past we create more of the like experiences. To think differently, we must be willing to let go of all that we know, to step outside of our own box. The heart welcomes this, but at first the mind might freak out as it attempts to grasp onto what it knows – the old paradigm of beliefs and programs. However with practice the mind becomes free, as though it was holding itself as its own prisoner. Often it comes through in layers as we practice living more presently. At the level that we embrace the self unconditionally and authentically, we become free from those self-defeating patterns.

The critics

There are people in your life that will attempt to bring you down or be overly critical of you for your own light. Those that are critically judgmental towards others are most critical of themselves. Often it stems from their own unconscious projections that help them feel better about their situation. Pain reflects pain, just as love reflects love. Whatever our point of focus is continues to expand. We tend to project from our own pain until we realize the source is within our own unconscious. If someone is projecting, what they really need is compassion.

This does not mean to tolerate or enable abuse, but to exercise compassion and choose differently. Often their behavior is tied to their own shadows, but if we dwell on that we fall into the avoidance trap of our own shadows. Our shadows if avoided, will eventually consume us through endless distractions, often leading to self-destruction. This is where shadow work comes into play. Anytime we are looking outwardly in a critical fashion, as we redirect our focus inward we unmask our own shadows. When we do this authentically, we change and heal.

Embracing you

Practice expressing “you” as you are, beyond what you think yourself to be. Embrace that child-like curiosity which invokes a more present mind. Often our self-imposed limitations are the result of not feeling good enough, causing us to seek validation from external sources. Imagine yourself being good enough as you are, right now. The unconscious mind does not know the difference between what is ‘real’ and what is imagined. It accepts what is felt. As children we imagine all the time, but as adults it seems that for many, our imaginative aspect gets suppressed. Through imaginative repetition we change those “not-good-enough” impressions from childhood experiences (and false perceptions). This act awakens love to your inner child which brings forth a deeper healing within.

Another technique that works wonders is to look at yourself in a mirror with a fixed gaze upon your eyes as you say sternly, “I LOVE YOU” and repeat this daily until it becomes heartfelt. This awakens a deep inner freedom of the heart, allowing it to expand – which is really what the heart desires. We try to control it, restrict or condition it, and that is a sure path to inner conflict. Find other ways to embrace your inner child-like nature and exercise them daily. My honey and I remain quite playful throughout our days and it is so liberating. We are either sneaking up on each other, tickling each other, or coming up with new child-like games that leave us laughing so hard our stomachs ache like we’ve completed 1000 sit-ups. It’s liberating, freeing, and completely open. Find what works for you and have fun with it. Do what you can to incorporate play in your day-to-day functions. Try it out for a month and notice how differently you feel.

Wisdom of the heart

The heart has a wisdom to it that comes through from within, as a deep knowing. It’s often referred to as intuition, a hunch, or a gut feeling. This will most likely defy logic, so if we’re looking for a logical explanation, chances are we will miss it altogether. It goes beyond that. The mind just needs to be silent enough to notice (and acknowledge) it, especially while your exercising your intuitive voice. Our intuitive muscle is strengthened by the acknowledgment and authority that it is given. A daily practice of silence, even just a few minutes a day will reveal so much on the inner workings of the mind, as it opens the heart and expands our intuition. This is true strength, living through the heart. It’s the result of being present, open and vulnerable, while embracing our inner child.

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