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Energy healing is a fascinating topic. There are many forms of energy healing, such as Quantum Touch, Reiki, Qigong, Magnified Healing, and even hypnosis. The many forms all lead to a similar outcome with each varying slightly in their techniques. What makes a healer more effective is when they can remain silent long enough to help another lower their own internal resistance. The key is to remain present and open as you listen to (and follow) your intuition.

Energy healing tips

Energy healing has been found to be extremely effective as a compliment to western medicine, or as an alternative approach. It serves as a measure to help ease the pain and in some cases heal the patient instantaneously. Energy healing is even being offered in medical centers (hospitals, nursing homes) to aid with pain. It’s also been a topic of interest for universities such as Harvard to study and understand more on it’s abilities and effects. In many cases, energy healing defies logic and that is one of the key points I’d like to elaborate on – which is going beyond logic while suspending judgment.

When we incorporate judgment we find ourselves stuck in thought, which vastly limits our abilities with energy healing. This is why some healers won’t ask about the details and instead focus on re-balancing the body by listening to their intuition, their own inner guidance. In a documented healing video with Greg Braden (Quantum Healing Video), Qigong doctors heal an inoperable tumor within 3 minutes. In the full documentary they discuss additional details about what was observed with the patient and Qigong doctors. One thing they did point out was how the Qigong doctors looked at the patient as being already healed.

Healing rituals

Healing rituals help as a beginning practice for quieting the mind and centralizing your focus. They work well for practice but often become limiting once the skills are developed. For example, when learning Qigong, at first a practitioner might take time to get into that state of calmness before practicing on another. Once developed, it is instantaneous and a ritual then becomes a limitation, often bringing us back into thought. It’s really about going beyond the thought here, which is best done with a present and playful mind. Let go and notice how it benefits the flow of energy.

The many layers to healing

There are many layers to treating and re-balancing the body. Some people heal and others do not, so it’s definitely not black and white. As pointed out in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), the body works in a circular fashion; each organ is feeding or balancing the next. When there is an imbalance in one, it pulls from the other organs until the imbalances get worse and a blockage is formed (often in a different area). Once you have a blockage (or imbalance) you experience dis-ease in the body.

The power of belief

As the placebo effect verifies, there is great power in belief. A lack of belief interferes with our natural healing process. For example, we might believe collective stories like “our body breaks down with age”, or “you can’t heal that”, not realizing the impact it has on our healing process. A belief in your ability to heal (backed by faith) leads to healing. We are the product of our beliefs. This is where hypnosis benefits when one is successfully able to implant the belief of well-being, leading from the end result already accepted as true.

The misconception with age

The body can remain healthy and strong regardless of age. It does not have to break down. When it does, it’s often due to the lifestyle. The big items here are stress, lack of stretching/exercise, poor nutrition and excessive inflammation build-up. There are also energy points in the body that slow down with age (especially with an inactive lifestyle), but with exercises such as the Tibetan Rites our energy points or vortexes (chakras) speed up again.

Diet and nutrition

A diet free from un-natural preservatives with low inflammatory foods greatly aids in re-balancing (healing) the body. This includes avoiding things like vegetable oils (especially canola), fried foods, refined sugar, refined flour, dairy, artificial sweeteners and artificial additives, to list a few. There is much more to this, so it pays to do research on the impact of sugar and other things like soda (diet and regular) when it comes to healing the body. Our cells have been known to change from cancer cells to healthy cells through a change of environment, and nutrition is one of those key factors.

Our thoughts and emotions

There is also an emotional component to dis-ease and this is perhaps one of the most difficult challenges to shift. By emotion, I’m referring to our deepest inner state of being. Our self-acceptance, our self-love (how we genuinely think and feel about our self) plays a big role when it comes to self-healing. Other emotions that contribute to dis-ease are guilt, shame, hatred and regret, to list a few. A daily practice of silence will reveal all of this to you. Another option is to record yourself talking to friends via a call recording app on your phone. Then play it back and notice how you speak about yourself, or if there are any stories or limitations you might be repeating. From this perspective, you are able to guide yourself from outside-the-box. A change in our story leads to a change in our experiences.

Fortunately, we live in an age where there is so much information readily available on healing. Personally, I have read about (and experienced) much success in combining energy healing with other methods. The idea here is to be open to change and trying new things. For example, Spring Forest Qigong, has trained thousands of people to heal themselves with much success, but it involved incorporating Qigong as a daily practice. Just like with meditation, which is exercise for the mind – daily practice is key.

The following books are some great reads around dis-ease and healing the body.

  • Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth
  • You Can Heal Your Life
  • Permanent Healing
  • How and When to be Your Own Doctor
  • The Healing Power of Illness: Understanding What Your Symptoms Are Telling You
  • Dying To Be Me: My Journey from Cancer, to Near Death, to True Healing
  • Born A Healer: I Was Born a Healer. You Were Born a Healer, Too!
  • The Biology of Belief 10th Anniversary Edition: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter & Miracles
  • The Body Electric: Electromagnetism And The Foundation Of Life

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