The End of Seeking

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It’s interesting to me how we have become so conditioned to external seeking. Seeking things such as labels, teachers, events, partners, security, etc. The thought process becomes more about finding that magic solution to all our problems. We completely miss the impact this has on our own self-worth and internal guidance system. Often this is caused by an unconscious void due to a lack of connection with our real self – the self beyond the intellect. The dilemma here is that an inner void can never be satisfied through external sources. So how do we shift beyond this?

Problems and solutions

When we are looking for a way out of a problem, what we are really looking for is to expand beyond our current level of thinking. Through questioning and silence, we expand beyond the intellect. When we get caught up in seeking we continue to perpetuate the very problem. This is because we are using the same level of thinking. It’s like thinking yourself into a box so you can think yourself out of it. What I’m advocating here is to go beyond thought, into the silence as we listen from that space. Learning how to silence our mind is our greatest asset and this does not come from anyone outside the self.

My path

When I was younger I would find myself falling into the traps of external seeking. This seeking become more about satisfying my current frame of mind. There was less change and more of a codependency with seeking due to my own inner void. In this realization, I was able to see how much of an illusion I was living. The right and wrong, the judgments, the limitations and collective (societal) beliefs. I had created my own mental prison. By practicing silence and releasing all that I thought and knew, I experienced a deep freedom within and solutions were revealed. I realized it was my own mind that was getting in my way all that time. This was the start of my journey into self-love.

The ego

The ego wants to know, it wants to be right, and it wants to protect its beliefs. Being right and wrong is really about external validation, as a measure to seek out love or approval. This desire for approval is due to a lack of connection within, often going back to our developmental years. Through the act of letting go and living more presently, we become more fluid and the ego eventually lets go. This allows for us to expand beyond our current level of thinking. If we are not fluid, we become fixed with our ideas and beliefs, each one clothed in a box as a measure to protect itself.

You are the solution

As you shift your focus back into the silence within yourself, you connect to the real you. The formless self beyond all that you think and believe yourself to be, beyond any stories. The void ceases to exist as you experience and embrace the real you. In this experience, the energy within becomes greater than anything (or anyone) outside yourself. It’s the process of you owning yourself and seeing your value, as you unconditionally accept all aspects of yourself (as discussed in Understanding Oneness). In this realization, your awareness expands and the ego becomes a tool versus a driving force in your life. This allows for you to live more heart centered, beyond the egoic illusions with a deeper presence within. In this, you find yourself free from manipulation, for presence sees through everything.

The end of seeking

The end of seeking is the end of pain. It’s an experience of completeness within yourself. Your cup becomes full and empty at the same time. In other words, all knowing is revealed (and available) but there is no attachment to it. Attachment brings us back into the ego, the source of pain and limitation. It’s as though you have reached the end and there is nothing that anyone outside yourself can offer you. You see through the illusion of the many distractions that arise through external seeking. You realize that any guidance or direction that you need becomes readily available to you from within.

If there is pain, there is ego. The ego is a great tool to be used but becomes limiting if used as our primary source of guidance. This does not mean to destroy the ego as some advocate, for that alone implies inner conflict, but rather a shift to living from a different state of being. We begin this process by living from the heart with a present mind. Doing this requires us to release the pain and open up to life. As we do this, we find ourselves free from inner conflict. The feeling of complete and unconditional acceptance of the self greatly aids with this process. This is not an intellectual idea or concept, but an inward experience that goes beyond the limitations of mind. We experience this through a never ending process of letting go. Eventually, you find yourself completely free. You become more child-like, allowing you to see life from a fresh perspective every time.

Breakthroughs are available to those who can remove one of the truth’s protective layers. There are many places to go beyond belief.
~Neil Armstrong

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