Experiencing the Presence of Love

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When you meet another that is willing to be completely open and vulnerable, you create this space together. It’s a safe haven that fosters the infinite expansion of love. This presence is without conditions and expectations, for with those it would not be love. If we love someone for any purpose other than to embrace their presence as we do our own, we are coming from the mind and vastly limiting our experience. The heart leads to this open space and that is where the freedom resides.

A love beyond this world

Many years ago, I had this vision of a love that is beyond this realm, which is really beyond any belief or concept, any idea or mental construct. In order to obtain this with another we must fall completely in love with our self. That is fully embracing all aspects of the self unconditionally. As you do this you will notice a shift each time you look in the mirror – as the thoughts arise they will echo only compliments and appreciation with every glance.

For a love like this to build between two people they must release the pains of the past so they can join each other in presence. It’s an alignment of awareness around the presence of love. When I met my partner here recently, we spent four days together in a constant state of bliss. It was like this infinitely expanding euphoric high with each moment building upon the previous moment. This occurred in both the waking state and dream state, as we’d unite in the dreams and witness the energy bouncing and building as our souls entangled with one another!

Creating the space

To create this space with another, we need to feel at complete peace with what is. It’s a complete surrendering to the ego. A presence that words struggle to define. Enlightenment to me is an infinitely expanding experience, which is why it’s crucial that we release the previous experience and be open to whatever comes next. Each moment has the potential to being greater than the previous moment, so we don’t want to go back and project from the past, we want to remain open and allow for ‘what is’ to unfold. This same concept applies to the presence of love.

The time my partner and I spent together was beyond any enlightened phase I had previously experienced. I am convinced this is possible for anyone, but it does require us to do the inner work, so that we can show up and be fully present. This experience is beyond the intellect and more about embracing the energy – allowing is key here. This does not mean you’ll never get triggered from your partner, but your awareness will shed light on it in the moment. This allows for you to respond from a present mind and open heart, versus a mind that is still clinging to the past emotional pain and thereby reacting from that place.

Feeling and trusting

As we embrace the energy from a completely open and present state, an infinite feedback loop is born. This loop continues to build and expand between both parties. My partner and I were completely open and present for the entire duration we spent together. We created this space from two completely open and pure hearts. Hearts that are free from the pains of the past. The energy continued to expand with each moment, but our minds remained silent and never attempted to interfere or control.

This energy can be harnessed and directed for creativity and so much more. It’s when we attempt to control it that we block its flow. In many cases this will defy logic but so does the presence of love. We all desire it, but few understand that it’s already within us waiting to rise up. All we need to do is let go of the mind, open the heart and follow the flow.

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