Using Out-Of-Body Experience For Healing

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I’ve been practicing out-of-body (astral travel, astral projection) for several years. It served me well for shedding limitations and beliefs during painful moments of my life. A few years ago when I came out of a long term relationship, I used OBE to shed the egoic attachment and in doing this I saw more clearly how much of a lie I was living. My soul knew from day one but my mind and heart wanted the magic of a deep and mutually aligned relationship so I made excuses. The truth was, we outgrew our alignment. We also had a codependency which has its own set of challenges leading to projections and resentment.

Healing through OBE…

When the relationship ended, I used OBE to shed everything. It helped me go deeper into the pain and conflict I was feeling from trying to control life and resist changes. OBE helped me with surrendering and letting go. In this process it felt like I was going through a series of symbolic deaths that occurred almost nightly for several months. It was a complete shedding of the illusions I had identified myself with. This experience led me to a deeper realization of the self (both physical and non-physical), the pure awareness of being.

During this time, it was as though I was experiencing myself simultaneously in the physical and non-physical but with only a portion of me in the physical. It was very similar to feeling like I was in a dream while in the waking state. It was almost as if my days and nights flipped in reverse. In some cases this can cause us to feel ungrounded, so balance is key here. For myself, during this shedding of the past and opening to greater levels, it served me very well.

Relationships and healing…

This experience revealed to me the similarities throughout all my relationships. It was as though I was replaying aspects of my past due to my own underline fears and inability to let go of what was no longer serving me. I realized that I had never felt ‘safe’ enough with myself for me to be fully present and vulnerable with another. In this realization, I reflected on the mirror aspect to see how my partners reflected this. The mirror aspect is a reflection of traits that we ‘see’ in others and become most critical of, but refuse to acknowledge within our self. We focus more on ‘others’ instead of reflecting and changing within. In this I saw how I was unable to foster emotional safety in the relationships because I did not feel safe and complete within myself. This revealed to me the deeper inner working of my thoughts and actions so I could make the necessary changes.

If we don’t do the inner work to heal, we continue to come from this place of uncertainty, causing us to be more reactive to others from fear. The only security in life is that which comes from within and this rises out of a deep unconditional self-love. When we are safe within we can help create that space with another, as we automatically become more mindful and present with our thoughts and emotions. This helps foster emotional safety in a relationship which encourages openness and vulnerability with another, and that is where the magic begins. This led me to the idea of channeling a soul partner through OBE which I’ll elaborate on more in future posts.

Living from the present….

When we live from the past we end up repeating our experiences and getting similar results. This causes us to relive the past mentally and emotionally; more importantly we continue to hold onto things that no longer serve us. We might see the necessary changes but then avoid making them due to the discomfort involved. The result is slow change due to our own internal resistance. We transform by facing these challenges and living from the present moment. As we shift our focus to the present moment we find there is no power in our fears, as we are surrendering to what is. This means no past, no pain, no stories, as you embrace the core of your being.

When we live from the present moment, we are free from the old stories and fears. In many cases this defies logic but so does love. The essence of love is an experience that is beyond logic and conditions. It’s coming from the space of complete presence. It’s embracing the essence of what it is without trying to think about it, define it, or contain it. It’s not about clinging here and more about embracing the essence of it without resistance and self-love is essential for this. This drops us into the essence of love which is infinite expansion at the level that we ‘allow’. When we are free from the mind and centered in the heart, we open the doors to this infinite expansion and possibility. This experience helps us create that space with another for experiencing the presence of love.

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