Manifesting Our Desires

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How often do you share a goal or desire that you have? What do you notice within yourself and your energy when you discuss it? Sometimes it can feed the desire and create other ideas or build momentum, but more often than not it dissipates the energy, vastly impacting the progress. There is much power that builds when we contain the energy. The idea here is less about control and more about keeping the intention pure as it builds momentum during the birthing process.

A story on healing…

Several years ago, I came across a story of a couple where one was facing a terminal illness. They ended up moving out of their environment, away from their loved ones, and focused on a pure environment free from the input of others. The result was a miraculous healing within months. When I had vision issues, I didn’t speak a word about it, and I went within myself for the guidance I needed and the result was perfect vision restored. If I would have talked to others, I would have heard things like “you can’t restore vision” or “you can’t heal your eyes” – all their own limitations and beliefs projected. In many metaphysical texts they talk about how the body heals when we get out of its way. There are many successful holistic practices that utilize this with much success for treating and healing the body.

Containing our desires…

Over the past few years I became more silent with my desires until it reached a certain point in its unfolding process. I discussed them less and fed them more with pure thoughts and feelings. In doing this, the progression was vastly enhanced. The hows continued to unfold without concern while the energy and focus within became more intensified. This allowed for a desire to be fed with purity, without any concerns and limiting thoughts of others for the entire birthing phase. This also avoided any fears of others.

Planting a seed…

Have you ever done any gardening? When we plant a seed into the ground and give it water, it grows. It’s really pretty simple. If we continued to check the progress of the seed by digging it up, it would die and not sprout. The unconscious mind works in the same manor. A seed gets planted and grows based on the food it is fed. Negativity, doubts, or fears kill its progress. Often we dig it up before its even had a chance to sprout unwittingly killing it. This happens when we drop out of faith and look back onto our senses, or by seeking the input of others. The secret is to deny the senses, as you see and feel the desired outcome as being already done. This is how you harness the power of your imagination.

What do you do after you plant the seed? You leave it. You don’t dig it up every morning to see if it has a root, you leave it. A seed must fall into the ground and die before it be made alive.
-Neville Goddard

Channeling a soul partner…

More recently I have been putting this to the test with channeling a soul partner through the dream state, via an out-of-body experience (OBE). I might discuss a little bit here and there but the energy and details remained 100% within. This allowed for it all to evolve organically as I channeled the presence of my future partner and allowed for that to unfold. I received many visions and nightly connections but up until this point, that had all been contained within. However, the journey was documented. By doing this I did not open any doors to the doubts or concerns of others, so there was no room for fear as I remained fully present with the desire. It’s now at a point where it can be discussed and I will elaborate on this more in future posts.

Monitoring our energy…

When it comes to desires, it’s important to remain mindful of our thoughts and energy to see where it’s being dispersed. It’s about containing the energy and centralizing the focus within the self. When healing physical elements myself, I did not discuss any aspects of it. I kept it all within until healing took place and then I would open up to discussing. This allowed for my focus and intent to remain pure as it continued to build and birth the desired outcome. When it starts birthing, we will feel a difference within and the feeling here is what we’re reaching for. When there is excitement, it’s best to keep it contained but when there is peace about it and you have a ‘knowing’, then you will feel a difference and find peace with sharing.

As I kept it all within during the birthing process, I found the energy behind my desires to be more focused and vastly amplified. It continued to build and build until it eventually exploded out of me. By keeping it within and not sharing it, I had greater focus and intention as I felt the shift in momentum. As things would come to fruition I would share, but not until that point. So at times, changes in life may appear as a surprise to my friends and family but are actually things I have been working on for some time. Some friends are supportive and others are not, they take it personally. If we focus on the concern of others we risk the alignment of our desires. The focus needs to remain centered within our self. True friends will be supportive and join you in sharing the joy of fulfilled desires.

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