Lucid Dreaming and Out-Of-Body

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We spend one third of our life in dreams, why not learn how to utilize the dream state to benefit our lives? Harnessing the power of our dreams greatly aids with our potential in the waking state. Practices such as lucid dreaming and out-of-body experiences will help do that and much more. Lucid dreaming gives us power over our dreams where out-of-body experiences allow for greater discovery and conscious expansion. Both lead to a deeper understanding of the self (physical and non-physical), as well as the universe. I love working in the dream state with practices like these, as it reveals so much about the self and the inner workings of life.

Lucid dreaming…

Lucid dreaming is developing an awareness in your dreams. It’s the process of training yourself to remain aware while you are dreaming. Not only does this make your dreams more vivid but it also allows for you to change and direct your dreams while you are dreaming. This works wonders if you are having a repetitive dream and wish to gain more clarity on the message. When you are in the dream you can demand clarity or details about the message and it will reveal itself to you. Once we gain the lesson we can make the appropriate changes (if applicable) and the repetitive dreams cease to replay. Usually there is a level of healing here that needs to take place.

We can also change the outcome of a dream while we are dreaming it. This works wonders for facing and releasing our fears. While in the dream we can shape it in a manor that allows for us to face our fears (safely) and reclaim our power. What we free ourselves from in the dream state, we become free from in the waking state. Start by setting the intention that you remain aware in your dreams and sit with that intention for several minutes prior to sleep. Notice what happens. Any fears that come up are actually limitations that are holding you back from your goals in life, allowing you to release them.

Out-of-body experiences…

An out-of-body (OBE) experience, also known as astral travel or astral projection, is the art of training yourself to remain aware as you travel outside your body. When we experience things such as a falling sensations or strange noises, we are leaving or returning to the body. Chances are everyone has had an experience like that. You can train yourself to actually feel and see your body as you rise out and look back upon yourself in the bed. You can walk around in your home as you pass through the walls and feel (and see) the energy to everything. Its a completely different world as you are seeing the energy here and not the physical 3d objects. This reveals to you the inner workings of energy and how it flows.

You can travel, fly, shape things and communicate with other beings. Through practice we develop an awareness that allows for us to guide ourselves in our experiences. One of the most beautiful aspects to OBE is how it can aid with surrendering to the ego. This is crucial for releasing anything that we are attached to (or resisting), as it helps us free our self from the pains of life. We can also gain a deeper understanding around the process of life and death. Often we think we are scared of death, but in reality the fears are more about living life. An OBE practice will uncover these fears so you can release them and no longer be concerned about death or life, thereby fully maximizing your potential.

Understanding energy…

Everything is energy. An OBE practice reveals to us the inner workings of life and energy. Any question you have about yourself, your journey, or your purpose you can uncover through OBE. It helps you understand the vibration of energy, how it works and the natural order of things. We can learn how to direct it and utilize it to our advantage. Understanding and working with energy increases our sensitivity and helps prime our intuition. This helps us better understand our inner guidance that is softly trying to communicate to us.

How to start…

We start this by creating a daily practice of setting an intention to remain aware prior to sleep. This is applicable for lucid dreaming and OBE. Daily practice is key here, in time you’ll find yourself becoming aware of your dreams and become able to change them while you are dreaming. You can also ask for guidance and direction in this state as you remain lucid and travel.

For OBE, repeat phrase like the following with feeling, “I am now out of my body”, “I remain aware as I travel out of my body”, and continue to repeat and practice until you have experiences. Understand that you can demand clarity or ask for guidance at any time. It’s about creating an inner dialogue within yourself to guide and direct you with your practice. At the level you’re able to surrender, it will unfold. One of my favorite books for OBE is “Adventures Beyond the Body: How to Experience Out-of-Body Travel” by William Buhlman.

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