Why such an Emphasis on Love?

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The other day I was asked why I have such an emphasis on love. I see love as our natural state of being, the very spark that ignites our existence. This essence of love is completely free from any conditions. Have you ever pondered on what that really means? It’s complete unconditional acceptance, free from any ‘shoulds’, ‘demands’ and ‘expectations’.

The challenge is that if we have never been shown love, we seek love from external sources. This causes us to become overly critical of ourselves as we seek love and approval from others to fill our own internal void. This hardens the heart and feeds the inner critic. By getting silent with ourselves, we drop into the presence of what we are and as we open up to this, we expand. Through this expansion we experience the vastness of what love is.

Love opens the door to the soul.

Love and inner peace

When we have love within, we have peace. The way the unconscious mind works is whatever we think with feeling, we impress ourselves with and what we impress ourselves with we experience more of. To think ill of another requires us to think and feel this within first, so we can then express it outwardly. As we do this we are first impressing ourselves with those feelings. As we reflect on this we see the correlation between inner peace and self-love.

Love builds a deep inner confidence. By inner confidence, I’m referring to the type of confidence that is not measured based on appearances or external circumstances. As we begin to love our self, we find complete acceptance and appreciation for all aspects of the self. We begin to live more from the heart and less from the mind, allowing for us to naturally become more present in life. We then reflect this outwardly towards others and find ourselves to be more patient, present and less reactive.

Love and addictions

When I was around 14 or 15, I had an issue with alcohol for a short time. I had family challenges going on and very little self-worth. In that experience, I got a glimpse of how little I valued myself, which was the start of my inner journey. I noticed the more I loved myself the less anything had power over me. Fear has no room to stick when we are filled with the presence of love. When we are in complete love with the self (physical and spiritual) we naturally become deeply present with life.

We surrender to what is, freeing us from internal resistance, the cause of pain. This is not an intellectual concept but a feeling that is independent of circumstances. It’s a complete surrendering to what is, which frees us from any sort of addiction or feeling of powerlessness. This experience alone will release any power an addiction has over you. I now drink socially and it’s never been an issue for me. Personally, I find it to all be about balance and overindulging becomes a thing of the past when we have a deep appreciation in all aspects of the self.

Love and happiness

Love is the path to happiness and fulfillment. It’s a genuine feeling within our self that is completely independent of other people, circumstances, or things. I am convinced that the pains of life continue until we learn the lessons, and the lessons are revealed when we open up. We open up by dropping into our heart and silencing our mind. We must be willing to open up here and really love all aspects of the self.

The emotions of the past are released as we surrender to them. When we surrender here we are embracing what is lovingly without resistance. We find ourselves free from judgment in this process. This is extremely effective for healing emotional wounds. When we heal and release, it ceases to replay in our lives. We shift consciously, releasing old parts of the self while embracing the new.

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