3 Tips to Strengthen Your Intuition

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Have you ever had intuitive nudges or gut feelings about events or circumstances in your life? Have you ever thought about someone and then receive a call from them in that very moment or shortly following? We are all highly intuitive beings and anyone can develop or strengthen these intuitive abilities. Often we ignore our intuitive responses or chalk things up as coincidence. Intuition serves a great purpose if we allow it. It has the ability to guide us through any difficult situation we are facing in life, as long as we can step outside the emotion of the problem. The following 3 tips will help you strengthen your intuition – the voice of silence.

Tip 1 – Being present

A daily practice of embracing silence is crucial for understanding our self and awakening our intuition. This helps us be more present throughout our day which expands our intuitive understanding. This requires a conscious effort at first and becomes more natural with practice. In time, our awareness expands around our thoughts, allowing us to guide ourselves from outside the emotion. It’s easier to be present when life is going well, but how we respond when faced with adversity becomes the true test of life. Practice being present throughout your day. This will allow for you to remain mindful of your thoughts and feelings regardless of your circumstances. As we practice this we find ourselves less reactive to life and more present even in the midst of (seeming) chaos.

Tip 2 – Opening up

Intuition is a language of the heart, as it speaks through an open heart with a present mind. We must be willing to open up and release our emotional pains of the past so that we can heal and shift beyond. At the level we open up, the greater our ability to feel and understand our intuitive responses. We get hurt from the pains of life and close off, causing us to become more cynical and reactive. If we wish to hear our inner guidance we must be willing to open up to life and release the pains of the past. The voice of intuition is different for everyone so practice until you gain a deeper understanding for yourself. For me personally it varies based on the situation. Sometimes I’ll get a response from my inner voice that rises up from silence, other times I might receive a visual response or a feeling. Intuition is NOT logic so let go of your thoughts and surrender to your self. It’s a feeling-based response, an inner knowing that goes beyond thought. If you think it’s intuition and find your mind crafting up stories or logic, then it’s likely not intuition. Feel through the heart and let go of the thoughts. Notice your breath. The more we open up to life the more present we become, which helps us understand our intuitive responses.

Tip 3 – Visualization

We have mental muscles just like physical muscles and when they are not exercised, they wither away. The more we work with our physical body the stronger it becomes, regardless of our age. The mind is the same and the more we work with it, the greater we develop and understand it. Visualization is exercise for our intuitive muscle. Practice in your imagination with asking yourself questions and feeling the response to them. Make the questions clear, starting out with a single yes or no response. Start with things that you are not emotionally attached to and feel the response you get in your body. Notice where the response comes from and feel this as you practice. Repetition is key here and as you begin to notice your intuitive responses make sure to acknowledge them with gratitude. By responding with gratitude you will strengthen the connection to your intuition. I liken it to working with a child and being playful and present is key. So have fun with it, the more playful you are the more present you become with the experience, which helps strengthen your connection.

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