The Game of Life

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This thing called life is really a game, for the purpose of self-discovery and expansion. When we play this game and attempt to control or resist, we create more pain and stress. Stress clouds the mind, breaks down the body (invoking fight-or-flight response) and sucks the joy out of life. The real joy of life comes from embracing the presence of it in every experience. By being fully in the moment.

From this perspective we ‘see’ the game more clearly and learn how to play it through a disciplined mind. By discipline, I am referring to an alignment of our thoughts and feelings in accordance with our desires. If you’re unsure on your desires get silent with yourself and listen to your heart – and repeat this daily until you have clarity. Then take the time to reflect on your desires and goals daily. A daily practice of silence will greatly aid you in being more present and thereby aligned with every moment. What we often chalk up to luck is really the art of aligned thinking – the result of a present and playful mind.

The lessons of life

Many years ago when I started meditating I noticed many glimpses of my past rise up for me to review. I could drill down into any past experience and view it from multiple perspectives. This allowed for me to re-frame the experience which changed the impression in my mind and released the pain. There is a misconception about pain that if we release it, we will forget and get hurt again. However, it’s through releasing pain that allows for us to heal, as discussed in healing emotional wounds.

When we can view an experience objectively without the pain, we see it with a more expansive awareness which greatly aids in the release and healing. As we heal we become able to embrace each moment with a present mind allowing for more compassion and empathy. More importantly, we cease to relive the past. As I reflected on the pain points of my past I was able to see how each experience reappeared until healing occurred. This revealed to me how the experiences in my life replayed themselves until the lesson was learned, where once it was learned healing took place and it ceased to replay.

As we heal we gain wisdom, we become free once again.

Silence has the answers

We become highly intuitive through the practice of embracing silence. We may not see it all laid out for us, but intuition does provide the next step. This is the process of utilizing our intuition for guidance in life. It guides as we proceed, often revealing one step at a time. When we attempt to ‘control’ the outcome we actually end up interfering with the process. This is the secret to the game of life which is really the art of allowing, our most natural state of being. From this state we welcome more joy and release all resistance to what is. To help quiet your mind, drop into your heart, be willing to open it back up again.

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