Healing Emotional Wounds

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We have all experienced some pain or conflict in life that has wounded us emotionally. These emotional wounds create triggers causing us to be more reactive to circumstances. When we react, we end up repeating conflict through different people and events, often blaming others for the cause.

It’s really more about the self than others. When we’re not aware of this, we close off and become more cynical and judgmental towards others. Usually this closing off is an attempt to avoid getting hurt but actually causes us to become numb inside, deadening our spiritual connection to life. Change from this state is extremely slow as the energy becomes very dense.

Healing emotional wounds

We heal emotional wounds through self-love. Self-love to me is complete freedom – freedom to love, embrace and express oneself authentically. It’s a feeling of complete and unconditional acceptance of the self. It is you sitting with yourself and fully embracing and appreciating all aspects of yourself. This is also a foundation for internal peace and self-realization.

How do we do this? For starters we must surrender to the pain so we can release the hardness that it has created within us. As we surrender we release all internal resistance. We cannot transform ourselves through force – we must invite it in and we do that by surrendering. In other words, we transform through the love that resides within the core of our being just waiting to be awakened.

Releasing self-clubbing

A part of loving and appreciating the self requires us to release all self-clubbing. This is the critical inner dialogue that arises anytime we seemingly make a mistake. In reality, there are no mistakes but rather opportunities to learn and grow from. Everything unfolds perfectly and we see this more clearly when we are present and as we have healed.

You are the solution

The only person that we have to be with and look at daily is our self. When we can look at our self and see love (a genuine appreciation), we immediately feel peace within. This expansion is infinite, never ending. It’s the end of seeking for outward solutions, for it is truly all within. We compliment this as we meet another with a similar alignment, allowing both parties to be completely open and vulnerable with one another, as discussed in “the perfect relationship” and “does she feel safe with you?“.

Thoughts on healing

As we heal we gain wisdom. We become free from old pains and cease to be so reactive to life. We might still notice an old trigger but we remain present and become able to respond vs react. A daily practice of silence is crucial for this, to become mindful of our thoughts and emotions. As we become more loving to our self, we feel this infinite expansion rise up from within – we heal and we transform.

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