Labels and our Identity with Dis-ease

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The nature of our persona (ego) is fascinating to me. It has the potential to attach to ideas, labels and beliefs, making them a part of our identity. Once they become a part of our identity it triggers massive stress and anxiety when threatened, and its threatened anytime we attempt to change. This is because it becomes death to the self – the persona’s existing way of thinking and believing.

The challenge here with dis-ease is that when we label it with a diagnosis, we create judgment and identity attachment, which interferes with the healing process. As captured in the documented video with Qigong doctors healing a cancer tumor in less than 3 minutes. They focused on the feeling of health and looked upon the person they were treating without judgment. The same applies with our identity, for the minute we attach to a label it becomes a part of us. This causes us to argue for the very limitations it imposes, as a measure to avoid change.

Healing in the body

Every being that has healed themselves from dis-ease in the body, moved beyond the limitations and beliefs of others and instead listened to their own inner voice. This inner voice, the voice of silence, has infinite guidance available to us all. The body knows how to heal but it requires faith and belief in the process, which is developed through practice. In the book titled, “The Holographic Universe: The Revolutionary Theory of Reality”, there are many stories about treatments and healing which took place from the power of belief. Several have captured the details around the power of belief and the emotional components that lead to blockages. For more details on energy blockages and clearing them, check books such as “Permanent Healing” and “You Can Heal Your Life”.

Unwavering faith

How can we have faith if we have accepted a limitation as part of our identity? By faith, I’m not referring to religious faith, but a solid faith within your self that stems from a knowing – beyond belief. Just like with the Huna (Ancient Hawaiian Shamans) teachings, where it was said that they were raised on ‘knowing’ without doubt and when dis-ease meets ‘knowing’ healing is instantaneous. It’s nearly impossible to heal from something that we continue to emotionally attach to as a part of our story. The stories we repeat in our mind create our experiences. When we change the stories and release the emotion our experiences reflect those changes.

The Power of questioning

As we question our stories we expand beyond the limitations they impose. Here are some questions to ponder on. Do you gravitate more towards complaints or gratitude? Complaints feed the inner critic where gratitude feeds our inner joy. Do you find yourself embracing “can’t” or do you shift to “how”? When I use to think “I can’t…” I found myself met with an invisible wall of impossibility. As I made a conscious effort to change every “I can’t” to “how can I”, my awareness expanded with many possibilities. Both are but thought patterns that we engage in and through mindful practices our awareness expands, shedding light on the thoughts and stories we are repeating and thereby reliving. In this expansion, we shift beyond the stories and unleash our potential.

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