In Love, There is No Fear

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When we are in love, there is no fear. It’s impossible to have fear when we are submerged in the presence of love. By love, I’m not referring to the egoic idea of love which stems from the mind as a form of attachment. I’m referring to a deeper soul-based love, an expression from the depths of our being. It is the result of fully embracing the essence of love, the very core of our being.

The disconnect

We’ve become conditioned to think of love as attachment or something that requires another being. This disconnect, in my opinion, comes from seeking validation and approval at an early age. As children, we perhaps didn’t feel the love or connection from our parents (they likely didn’t either) so we begin to seek this connection or ‘love’ from outside our self. This leads to an inner dialogue of lack and low self-worth. From this mindset, one seeks out validation through others, which becomes an endless game resulting in emotional highs and lows. Transformation follows as we become connected and grounded in who we are.

Dropping into the heart

True seeing comes from the heart. It is the ability to see all aspects of a being from a deeply present mind and open heart. In order to fully see another we must first be able to fully see our self. We do this through complete self-acceptance, by unconditionally accepting and embracing all aspects of our self. By becoming mindful of our thoughts, releasing them to the point of silence as we drop into the heart. This experience of dropping into the heart and surrendering to the mind, awakens a deep love and peace within.

Love vs fear

When we are in LOVE, that is fully embracing the infinite expansion of what it is, there is no fear. We are completely FREE. It’s an experience of true freedom that bridges the connections between the mind, body, and soul. This experience frees us from all internal resistance and self-condemnation, as it creates a sense of unity within. In this, the mind surrenders to the heart. When two people come together with a mutual understanding on this, they experience something very deep and real as discussed in the perfect relationship.

Drop into your heart and listen to your breath as you let go of your thoughts. Notice what happens within yourself as you go beyond the mind and feel into the depths of your being. As you will find, when you’re fully in the essence of love there is an absence of fear.

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