Are You Reliving Your Past?

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Anytime we bring up past emotion into a present experience we end up reliving our past pain in the present moment. The result is amplified conflict, as the present situation is no longer about the present moment but now includes years of pain. Emotions are catalyzed by similar emotions. Pain requires more pain, so the mind looks for pain to bring into those thoughts. When we become mindful of this we can invoke change while we are thinking and stop this in its tracks. By processing the pain and THEN releasing it, we are able to release the emotion while keeping the wisdom.

Projecting our past

We relive our past pain by replaying it mentally with feeling. When we do this we end up projecting that pain into our present and future experiences. This causes us to be more reactive in situations due to unhealed emotional triggers. We become more easily triggered as we have not fully processed and released the past pain. This causes us to dwell on our past stories as a measure to justify our reactions. Anytime we look upon the future with painful impressions of the past we end up reliving those emotions and experiences. The outcome is very little change due to lack of healing and letting go.

A great way to test yourself is by making a recording. Simply get out your phone and record yourself talking as if you were speaking with a close friend. Be as detailed as possible as if they are there with you. When you’re done, replay the audio (or video) and listen to everything that you said. Not only does this prevent you from venting to everyone else, but it also sheds light on any past pain and stories that you are replaying. Most of the time this is all unconscious and this little exercise will reveal all of that to you. It’s a technique that allows for you to become your own therapist.

Transformation and healing

To transform our life and create a different future we must be willing to release the past, especially the painful emotions. We break these patterns by making a conscious effort to cease replaying the old stories. Although this is largely unconscious, with consistent mindful practices (Meditation, Reflection, Stillness) we gain the awareness we need to break the cycles. It is essential to face the past emotions so that we can heal and release them. If they are not dealt with they continue to rise up in conflict. Be authentic to yourself and trust your inner guidance for help and support. The healing is as long or short as you choose to make it. There is no fixed time and that concept itself is a limitation, for whatever we believe we conceive.

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.
~Albert Einstein

Shifting our consciousness

As we release the past pain along with our old ‘stories‘ we shift in consciousness. Often we think if we release the pain we will repeat similar experiences. This causes an attachment to past pain because it is familiar. This ‘familiar’ keeps us stuck in old patterns making it more difficult to change. If you wish to break yourself free from self-defeating habits go within to do the inner work to heal. This starts with a never ending process of letting go. We must be willing to shed the past in order to rise into a new level of awareness. By releasing old aspects of the self we experience a shift in consciousness and THAT shift leads us to a completely new level of awareness and understanding.

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