The key to Freedom

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The key to freedom is through a quiet mind with an open heart. Life can be hard, messy, blissful and liberating. Each experience leading us to a newer more expansive one. The result of our focus is what amplifies our experience, as it leads us through a process of self-discovery.

Through this process we find a deeper meaning to pain and life. Pain awakens compassion and love when we dive into it and has great creative potential when harnessed and directed. When we resist the pain it persists, dropping deeper into our unconscious amplifying our deepest fears.

Understanding resistance

Anytime we resist what we are feeling we suppress the emotion into our unconscious. These emotions (if left undealt with) eventually consume us, impacting our emotional state. For example, if I am feeling sad and I resist that by thinking “I shouldn’t feel sad” or “I should be grateful”, I suppress the sadness while adding guilt. This expands into regret causing us to reside in the past which breads depression. In order to heal and move past these traps we must embrace the emotion and be true to ourselves.

This is why many experience pain when they first start meditating. For meditation releases our internal resistance which brings the unconscious to the conscious. By being honest with ourselves and fully embracing whatever we are feeling in the moment, we free ourselves from these emotional blocks. So if your feeling sad, feel sad and welcome sadness. If your feeling joyful, feel the joy and welcome the emotion of it.

Practicing silence

Learning how to silence your mind is the greatest asset you can have. Through a daily practice of embracing silence, we develop an awareness around our thoughts and emotions. This awareness allows us to become both the observer and partaker in our experiences. We become more able to guide ourselves through the challenges we face, while also awakening more presence in our daily lives. For it is a quiet mind that provides the inner peace and guidance we seek.


Self-acceptance, that is complete acceptance and appreciation for all aspects of yourself, awakens unconditional love within. A sound self-love opens the heart into greater (infinitely expanding) experiences. This is a key component for understanding intuition as well. When channeled with visualization, we amplify our emotion and focus which greatly aids in attainment of our desires. To experience this fully – a quiet mind is nearly essential.

As we embrace silence and express our authentic self we merge the heart with the mind. This experience creates a sense of oneness within ourselves, opening the doors to our infinite self.

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