Enlightenment is Ecstasy

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Anyone can experience enlightenment by practicing a form of silence, such as meditation consistently. It does not require a change in diet or years of practice as some have advocated. Enlightenment is actually quite simple. It rises up through you from the silence and appreciation within.

Letting go…

The ecstasy that comes with experience leads to mental blockages if we attach to it. For it’s through the attachment that limits our future experiences.  It’s like trying to contain or control love. Once we do that we stop the infinite expansion of what it is. By embracing love fully we see the freedom within it. When we attempt to contain, control or condition it, we experience pain. Control, a product of fear, is naturally cleared as the mind quiets and we drop into the heart.

Enlightenment comes to us in a very similar fashion for it’s not to be contained or controlled. It’s more of a daily commitment to embracing ‘what is’ without seeking or attaching, through a never-ending process of letting go. In doing this we invite it for an experience and then let go, for the next experience. Each experience expanding from the previous one.

Enlightenment, infinite expansion

Enlightenment is an infinitely expanding experience that changes with our state of consciousness. Therefore our experiences continue to expand and change as we drift through the various states.  If we become fixated on a past experience we limit our ability to expand beyond it. By letting go of the previous experience we open ourselves up to something new and more expansive each time.

This experience is all within and does not favor one person over another. Any sort of boasting only brings you back into the ego, the mind of limitations.  Any limiting beliefs we have also hinder our experiences.  Thus the importance of beginning with a quiet mind, by letting go of all our thoughts we naturally invite in.  When it leaves, let it go joyfully and when you’re ready for another experience invite it back. It follows the voice of silence.

Enlightenment is ecstasy, an experience that goes beyond what words can describe. The power behind the experience has the ability to completely transform and heal us if we desire and allow such.

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