Stop Judging Me!

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How often do you feel wrongfully judged? What do you notice within yourself when you feel judged? Feeling judged often triggers a reaction in us which causes us to unconsciously react with very similar judgments. We cannot control another but we do have power over ourselves, our thoughts, our ability to respond versus react.

The paradox of judging…

Anytime we think another person should be like we are, in this case non-judgmental, our very thinking implies that same judgment onto another. We cannot think “don’t judge me” without imposing judgments onto another person. It’s paradoxical, and as we do this we project our own internal judgments from within ourselves. Our fears of being judged are really our own internal fears and have nothing to do with another person as discussed in reclaiming your power.

Like attracts like…

Everything is energy and there is a vibrational aspect to us and our experiences. Often it is so deep within our subconscious so we don’t even notice it, but the source resides within our subconscious. By having anger towards feeling judged we are unconsciously holding the alignment of judgment. By making peace with judgment first we can release it from within ourselves. We do this by embracing the silence within and then reflecting upon the experience that comes up from when we first felt wrongly judged, different or not accepted. Then, go into the pain of that experience, for it’s when we dive into the pain that allows us to heal, release and grow beyond it.

Freedom arises through self-expression…

We become free by practicing true authentic self-expression, that is, fully embracing and expressing ourselves as we are. By dropping into the silence of our being and then expressing ourselves from that place. This comes from the heart – by practicing this we open up, we expand, we become completely free. Thoughts of judgment fade away and our experiences vastly change. The mind remains more present and our creativity becomes unleashed. Upon reflection, we find the only opinion that really matters is our own and that is complete self-acceptance. Truly honoring all aspects of ourselves and owning our creativity. As Wayne Dyer states in whose opinion matters, it’s about listening to your soul and moving from that deep inner place of love.

Be independent of the good opinion of other people.
~ Abraham H. Maslow

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