Releasing the Past

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If we do not release the past we cannot fully heal. How often do you find yourself bringing up years of the past into the present moment when you’re upset? The moment of frustration is rarely about the current situation and often caused by a trigger from unhealed past pain. This causes us to overreact as we get caught up in our emotions and past pain.

Spiritual concepts

There are various spiritual concepts about releasing the past and focusing on the present moment. A crucial component of this which is often overlooked is processing the pain of the past and going through all of the emotions to fully release and heal. We know when the past is still an issue if we are reacting from the old pain anytime we get frustrated in the moment. When this happens, we bring up years of problems over a present moment issue. When it’s healed we may still notice the trigger but we are no longer emotionally disturbed by it.

If this is the case for you, take a few moments in a relaxed state of mind, and bring up the pain so you process through the emotions. Once you’ve gone through it from your pain and perspective, then attempt to view it from the perspective of those involved as though you’re seeing it from their eyes. By shifting our perception to a more objective view of the situation we change how the pain impacts us and this helps us process and release it. Once you feel at peace with it and have fully released it, leave it alone to never bring it up again. To think feelingly on the past will only reinfect yourself in the present.

Repetition, the mother of all learning

We learn everything through repetition and our experiences are saved as impressions in the mind. What we continue to think and do on a daily basis becomes our familiar state of being. Therefore new concepts often feel very foreign at first. To make the necessary changes, it requires one to study with great discipline until new patterns take place.

Think about learning how to play a musical instrument or learning another language and the amount of effort and repetition that it requires. When we are younger it’s much faster as we are absorbing everything from our surroundings. Once our conscious mind is developed and our mental programs are created we continue to live from these unconscious thoughts and beliefs. We can change any pattern or belief through repetition or by visualizing a new impression under a relaxed state of mind.

Here is where integrating a daily practice of embracing silence. This practice greatly benefits as it clears the mind, allowing for greater awareness and observation over your thoughts, while you are thinking them. Through daily practice we find ourselves gradually shifting to this state of ‘no mind’ – the place between our mind and thoughts. Here we have the ability to stop old thought patterns at their source.

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