30 Days without Critical Judgment

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Here is an interesting experiment that vastly expands our awareness around the mental blocks that cause us to feel stuck in life. This experiment consists of going 30 days without any critical judgmental thought. That’s 30 days without giving attention to faults of any kind with yourself or another, and without criticizing anyone or anything.

We’ve become conditioned to focus on the faults of ourselves, of others, and the world. The challenge here is that we continue to recycle the past into our present, causing us to re-live our past experiences and thereby creating more drama (and pain) within our mind. The result is more anxiety, frustration, and limitations that hold us back from our full potential. Try the following experiment for 30 days and monitor your progress on how you feel each day, as well as, at the end of the 30 days.

Shifting critical judgments

Every time a critical judgment arises simply shift your focus to practicing gratitude and exercising compassion. Each time you start talking about something in a critical judgmental fashion immediately stop, acknowledge the thoughts, release them and shift your point of focus. Use an inner dialogue such as “I release my desire to judge for now” or another like method that works for you to visually feel the release within your mind. Immediately following the release, send good will and compassion to anyone involved silently within your mind.

This is especially important, for what we send out towards others we think with feeling and impress ourselves with. Then use whatever methods that help you become more present. For some it’s a quick minute meditation, for others it’s a few long breaths where the focus is solely on your breathing. Find whatever works best for you. The idea here is to make it a conscious effort and in doing so we expand our awareness around our thoughts and emotions. This awareness makes us more mindful of our thoughts and the downward spirals that cause more pain. By sending good will to our self and others involved we release the emotion and free our mind.

The reflection

After practicing this we start to see what we are avoiding within ourselves and how that pertains to feeling stuck with our goals in life. We might think it has everything to do with others, with the notion that if they would change things would be different. This becomes a mental conflict of arguing with reality, which is merely a distraction from the underline issues that exist within us, our own unconscious. As long we continue these old patterns, the unconscious remains unconscious and we repeat similar experiences. By doing the inner work we shed light on our own unconscious and that is what leads to change.

At some point within the 30 days you will start to notice yourself having more energy and feeling much better about yourself and life, as you’re no longer mentally exhausting yourself with all the thoughts and frustrations of others. Our mind naturally becomes more calm and we find ourselves more centered and present. As you reflect on your experiences, notice how often you wanted to criticize another or point out all the things you thought they were doing wrong. Notice where that stems from. Often it goes back to a lack of approval towards others and their actions, and in this, we find a correlation with our own internal judgments.

Notice what happens within yourself when you stop feeding those thoughts. Notice how your own inner critic ceases to exist, when others are no longer a point of focus. As we redirect our attention inward, we change. When we continue to focus on the outer, problems perpetuate. Enjoy the 30 day challenge!

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