Reclaiming Your Power

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Too often we give our power to another person or to the conditions of our life. The conditions do not have to control us, we can choose to rise above. It’s a matter of shifting our perception as we drop into the silence of our being. As Wayne Dyer quoted many times, we must learn to become independent of the good opinion of other people. When we are no longer concerned about the opinion of others we are more willing to step into the fullness of that which we are. We stop holding ourselves back due to fears about how others may perceive us.

Judgment, an inside job

The fears of being judged or not being accepted are all within our own mind and have nothing to do with anyone outside our self. These internal fears are what hold us back from our true potential. By letting go and practicing authentic self-expression we reclaim our power. It’s in the act of honest self-expression that makes these fears powerless.

Authentic self-expression

By honestly and authentically expressing ourselves we awaken this deep passion and love within our self. Self-love is measured by a deep appreciation of all aspects of yourself and this is the foundation for internal peace. In practicing authentic self-expression, that is the act of being true to yourself as you drop into your heart and express yourself openly and freely, you free yourself from all internal critical judgments. Through this practice we awaken a deep self-love and appreciation for all aspects of the self.

Embracing silence

A daily meditation practice is key for reclaiming our power so the mind no longer runs with stories. I liken it to cleaning our house, if we stop cleaning it becomes a mess. The mind is the same. We must take a few moments to clear our thoughts and in doing this we develop an awareness around our thinking. Often people use the excuse of a lack of time. However, I assure you by meditating daily you will gain back time and so much more. Our mental resources become freed up so we are able to think and process information far more quickly. We also gain more energy and inner peace as our mind becomes free from emotional triggers. Most importantly we gain a deeper understanding of our true self.

To know thyself we must embrace the presence of our being through the silence within. Through this process our blockages are cleared as we release our internal resistance and open up from the heart. This is an experience of being fully present in the state of no-mind, often experienced through a deep prayer or meditation. From this place the change we desire occurs automatically and we become free from the mental blocks that once held us back. Remember to surrender.

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