Ever Changing Truth

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The concept of a personal truth is very interesting to me, often leading to attachment as a way to define our beliefs. When we grasp onto a static truth we become very boxed-in with our thoughts and ideas. Life is always changing. Why is it we expect our truths to remain static?

In hypnosis we our personal truths remain subjective, while leading to their own individual experience. It is only true to the individual based on their level of belief. For example, if you get someone in a deep enough hypnotic state and you convince them that your finger is a hot iron and touch them, their skin will blister as though they were burned. This is one of the many examples around the power of belief and the minds ability to manifest the results externally.

Static truth

The challenge with having a static truth as it pertain to human potential, is that we block out all other ideas and concepts. More importantly we wait for others to inform us what is possible based on some evidence or study. As we question and reflect we find that most of our static truths are the result of childhood programming and societal conditioning. To achieve and create what many define as impossible, we must be willing to release the limiting beliefs of others and society. Why wait for others to tell you what you can do or achieve?

Remaining open

By remaining open we free ourselves from the ego. The ego moves to defending or resisting as a protective measure around our core belief attachments. By shifting beyond the ego through reflective silence, we stop defending our beliefs (or limitations) and release all internal Resistance. In this experience, we completely shift our perception and thereby create different results.

The law of floatation was not discovered by contemplating the sinking of things.
~Thomas Troward

Question and reflect

Through meditation, inquiry and reflection we become grounded in our own consciousness, allowing us to expand beyond belief. This creates an awareness around our thoughts and self-imposed limitations. As we expand within, we see more clearly the source of our limitations. We learn how to be more flexible with our beliefs. We find there is nothing to attach to and as we let go, we experience a greater freedom within. Here we open the doors to experiencing an ever changing truth, a truth that grows and expands with us, without an end or beginning.

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