Letting Go, Embracing You

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We spend years learning and acquiring beliefs from various practices, people, and systems. We go through life learning and acquiring only to realize its in the letting go that we experience the fullness of all that we are.

Through societal conditioning we are told who we need to be, what we should do, and how we should live. This causes us to mold ourselves after society and other people causing us to become more mechanical and robotic. The challenge here is that we lose part of our self in the process. We become more conditioned and less expressive of our authentic self.

The real you?

Have you ever pondered on who you are? Ask yourself “who am I” and sit with that question for as long as you can. Notice what comes up. Anything that brings you back to an idea or belief, let it go. Everything at the level of mind is not you, but what you think yourself to be. Go beyond the mind, beyond the thoughts.

Letting go

Returning to the authentic self is where freedom resides and we do this by letting go of all concerns, self-doubts and thoughts. As we release everything we return back to our early childhood state with an open and free mind. This is the real you beyond all that you think and believe yourself to be. It is the consciousness that sparks your very existence, the core of what you are.

The same concept applies to enlightenment. If you wish to experience enlightenment, meditate on letting go of everything until there is nothing else to release. In that nothingness, enlightenment comes to you.

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