Going Within

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As the saying goes, if we do not go within – we go without. It’s very easy to get caught up in the busy-ness of life, rarely taking time to nurture ourselves. Then we wonder why life passes by and we feel unfulfilled. How often do you make it a priority to do at least one thing you enjoy every day?

Many years ago, I passed a shaman who said “when we ignore the soul the underworld eats away at our flesh”. It sounds a bit grim, but definitely resonated with me. The idea here is that by ignoring the soul, we disconnect from the life force within our self. This disconnect causes us to feel numb and lonely inside as we become overwhelmed by darkness. The result is more stress, anxiety and depression which causes the body to breakdown eventually leading to dis-ease.

Going within…

As noted in Zen – Your State of Being, the only Zen that exists is that which you have awakened within yourself. We spend years learning and acquiring beliefs without questioning our core beliefs that run our lives. By going within, questioning and reflecting, we find and release our limiting beliefs that hold us back from our full potential.

Many of the great minds understood that the solutions to their problems were within themselves. They incorporated methods like meditation and afternoon naps, to sleep on complex problems knowing they would be led to a solution. This is a great practice and has been extremely effective in my life. When faced with a challenge, I step away and meditate for guidance or sleep on the issue knowing I will wake with a solution. It takes practice at first as you bridge the connection so be patient with the process. For more details about this and similar methods, check out “The Einstein Factor: A Proven New Method for Increasing Your Intelligence“.

Take time for you daily and practice going within. It will change your life.

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