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There is a Zen proverb that says the only Zen you find at the top of the mountain is the Zen that you bring with you. In other words, we don’t obtain inner peace or joy by seeking it outside the self. We experience it by uncovering it from within.

We have become conditioned to ‘seek’ for solutions externally. This causes us to associate our state of being with an object or condition. The notion here is that peace and happiness come after the obtainment of a desire. The reality is far different. We might experience a temporary shift but within a very short period of time we return back to feeling the exact same. In some cases we feel worse because now we have anxiety about losing the very thing we just obtained.

The challenge here is that we are constantly placing our power outside our self. This is a big component of what causes us to feel stuck in life. As it feeds the limiting beliefs that weaken our willpower, self-worth and overall joy for life.

Embracing the silence

By taking a few moments in silence daily we drop into the consciousness of our being. In doing this we recognize the mirror to life, how our inner state of being impacts and dictates our reality. We stop looking externally and instead look back into our own unconscious. We stop blaming others for our problems and take full responsibility for our own inner dialogue and life.

As we continue to practice letting go and embracing silence we find ourselves awakening more peace, joy and appreciation for life. We transform, we awaken, we uncover our natural state of being. Then we no longer seek peace for we have become it.

Here we find ourselves living more present in our daily lives with an entirely new perspective on life. Then where ever we go we bring that peace, joy and love with us.

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