Anita Moorjani’s Near Death Experience

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Anita Moorjanis Near Death Experience is an amazing story about a woman who experienced a NDE and then returned to experience a complete healing of what many thought was impossible. During her battle, her organs shut down and she slipped into a coma, which then lead her to what the doctors presumed as being dead. During this time, she had various experiences and was aware of everything going on, inside and outside the room, as well as far beyond.

She goes into great detail, discussing all that took place, what she saw, what she felt, and how she reached this choice point to leave completely or return back into her body. Upon her return, she experienced a complete healing throughout her body. Many doctors have reviewed her case and are still confused as to how she recovered. This is really a great message for those who remain curious about the unexplained.

These same experiences she discusses, many experience during meditation practices. The more we meditate or connect within, the more we experience and/or see the very things she speaks about. Sometimes we experiences things similar to this when we are in a deep meditation. It’s also revealed through our dreams as we strip away our limiting beliefs that cloud our perception of reality.

You can read about Anita Moorjani’s story on her website or watch the live interview of Anita Moorjani’s Near Death Experience on YouTube by clicking on the video below.

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