Judgment – Closing of the Heart

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The basis of our life is freedom but personal judgment keeps us held prisoner in our own mind. When we judge and criticize others we create a disconnect within ourselves impacting our own inner peace and level of presence. This hardens the heart and makes it difficult to heal beyond emotional trauma as well as connect to our intuition.

If I feel anything come up within myself I immediately move to reflecting, questioning and releasing. Who am I to say that someone’s choice is right or wrong anyway? What benefit does it serve me? How does this benefit them? In my experience, when people are going through things what they need is to be shown unconditional love.

Where there is no opinion, there is no suffering; where there is no judgment, there is no pain.
~Joseph Murphy

Judgment is a choice

We become conditioned to judge but ultimately it is a choice. We have the power to choose the thoughts we wish to engage in, through mindful practice. When you think of judging or criticizing turn it around to yourself, question the thoughts and then let them go. Notice what happens with your awareness and level of presence as you practice this. The more we practice, the greater our ability to remain present regardless what we encounter in life.

Loving what is

Loving ‘what is’ does not mean to invite something into your home that poses as a threat to your own self-love. We must always be true to the self for the heart to remain open and free. Its fully embracing ‘what is’ without focus or effort, free from any resistance on what should be.

As we practice embracing ‘what is’ with an open heart and present mind we continue to expand something great within ourselves. Our mind changes and we become more able to observe and release our thoughts without attachment. Its a continual process of letting go which deepens our level of presence and inner peace. As you will find with practice, an open heart and a present mind is free from ALL inner conflict.

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