3 Tips on Finding Your Life Purpose

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Last year I attended a PhotoReading event with Paul Scheele co-founder of Learning Strategies Corporation. While going through the training he brought up the topic around finding your purpose and said, “the path that leads us to our gift is found by confronting the thing we fear the most”. This really resonated with me, as some of my greatest transformations were the result of facing my fears. This often required me to do the very thing I was most resistant to doing.

Think about your gifts and how you can share those with the world. Often our gifts are shaped from our experiences and struggles. Here are three tips to help you find your purpose and expand on it.

Tip 1 – Visualizing fears…

When we face our fears we reveal the light within the darkness, we awaken and become free. It’s these fears that cause us to feel small and keep us in hiding. These fears impact our will power, self-worth, potential and so much more. The very act of questioning and facing the fears frees you from them.

By visualizing yourself facing your fears, you can face any experience and change the outcome (impression) in your mind. When you become free in your mind, you become free in your physical reality. Begin with a present mind as you drop into your heart, then visualize yourself facing the fear and see yourself (in your mind) doing the very thing you fear. In your visualization process, focus on peaceful and happy outcome, see yourself rising above it. Repeat this visual exercise until you begin to feel a sense of calmness within. This process will help you face any fear and free yourself from them.

Tip 2 – Release meditation…

Another effective practice is to do a release meditation. This consists of meditating on letting go until there is nothing else to release. The letting go brings us to a deep silence, which shifts our awareness shifts beyond the persona (ego). When we feel stuck, we create mental blockages and this is all tied to the persona. The act of releasing our thoughts shifts us into a state of awareness where we become the observer of our thoughts.

After sitting in the silence for a few minutes ask yourself the question “what is the next thing I can do to reveal my purpose?”. Yes, this will start up your thoughts again, but you’re starting from a fresh and clear state of mind which often leads you to more insightful responses. You may not see the full picture with all the details but you will be able to provide yourself some guidance on the next step to take. Once you feel clear on the next step, take that step and notice how additional steps are then revealed. This takes consistent practice, dedication and time, but works wonders with guidance and direction over any challenge you might face.

Tip 3 – Free writing…

Another option is to use a free writing technique where you stream from the unconscious by writing whatever responses you get back from a question. Begin by getting some paper and a pencil (or pen) and then write down your question. Once you have the question, relax your mind and body by focusing on your breath and being present. Sit with the question for a few minutes as you listen to your breath. Once you feel a response, start writing whatever flows through you. This works wonders for streaming from the unconscious and sometimes takes practice to just let go and allow it to flow. This is extremely beneficial for drawing out any unconscious blocks that are holding you back or preventing you from achieving your goals.

Sometimes we see our purpose and become impatient with the unfolding process. Do what you can to remain present with the unfolding process and you’ll find less resistance on your path.

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