What is Your Meditation?

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Recently I was talking to my daughter about meditation. I mentioned to her that in addition to sitting in silence, meditation is also the practice of self-expression. I elaborated, that when we are expressing our self through our passion we become so involved that we experience a deep presence within.

Then I asked her “so whats your meditation” and she immediately responded with “singing”. She elaborated that if she is stressed or anxious she immediately starts singing and for the moment all her worries fade away while she experiences this deep presence.

At the time of writing this she’s almost 16 and I am amazed daily about her level of awareness and understanding. She already knows what to do when she is stressed or anxious and that was something that took me years to understand.

In a previous post Creativity – The Art of Self-Expression, I discuss what happens within ourselves when we embrace our creativity and express it.

There are many forms of meditation. For example sitting in silence or using a mantra both serve as great methods for learning how to silence and strengthen our mind, and a strong mind has the ability to take power over anything going on within ourselves.

However, we experience something very similar when we embrace our creativity and express ourselves openly and freely through it. Find your music and embrace it, express it, notice how it changes you and notice what happens within yourself when you are completely present in expression.

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