What is Love?

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The word love has been quite abused. Its seems that we are conditioned to think of love as an attachment or an idea versus an experience. This attachment leads to the belief that love is challenging or painful. Pain is not the result of loving, but the result of closing off to love – which impacts our inner connection to life.

Understanding love

If we take the belief of “I love it therefore I need to have it” or “I love them therefore I have to be with them” we find ourselves in a very limited perspective about love. By placing conditions like this, it implies to our deeper self that we are not enough, causing us to associate love with something outside our self. Any time we do this we are immediately met with fears about losing the very thing we’ve just attached to.

Love and conditions

The same applies to placing conditions on giving love, such as “I love you if…” or “if you love me you would…”. These conditions are typically used for manipulation and control, to get others to do what you want in exchange for your love. This impacts both parties and often leads to an emptiness void that is never satisfied. For when we withhold love from another we also withhold it from ourselves.

Some measure love from an action. The problem here is that if we are living from a conditioned awareness our actions follow. We can only love (or experience love) to our ability of understanding what it is and what we are. So by focusing on an action we reside in a place of judgment as a way to measure the very condition. Love is a feeling, not a thought.

Thoughts on love and pain

We also find the belief of “if I love to deeply I’ll get hurt” and here we find one of the greatest paradoxes around love. For it is not through loving that hurts but actually due to our conditioning around love, which causes us to withhold love to ourselves as well as others. To experience love, we must release our conditioning around it and embrace the presence of what we are and what love really is.

What love is

Love is what we are, the very core of our being. It is infinite freedom and expansion: freedom to express yourself authentically, freedom to create, freedom to give openly, freedom to receive, and freedom to embrace what-is without conditions. It’s pure consciousness, the source of life.


Self-love starts with unconditional self-acceptance. It’s you embracing yourself without judgment or critical thinking of any manor. This reveals itself in layers by doing the inner work of opening up and embracing the inner child with unconditional love. It’s you loving you, fully embracing and appreciating yourself and all that you have to offer. You are the most unique being in all the worlds for there is only one of you. I liken it onto finding a rare one-and-only diamond, you are that diamond. When embraced we find ourselves free from resistance, as we remember to surrender.

Embrace who you are unconditionally and then express that onto others. As you will find, life is a mirror reflecting to us that which we are.

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