Awakening the Self

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As our conscious mind is formed during our childhood years we develop what’s referred to as a “conditioned self”. This conditioned self becomes our identity and fills our mind with doubts and self-defeating thoughts – all the limitations that hold us back from our true potential.

This conditioned self is the source of our inner critic, causing us to be overly critical of ourselves because of our mistakes, failures, unwise or hurtful behaviors that we (or society) deem as bad or wrong. This leads to internal judgment causing us to feel unworthy and guilty within, impacting nearly all components of life.

Cause of human ill…

There are several schools of thought that believe the cause of nearly all human ill is due to self-rejection which stems from value judging and resistance. This is due to identifying the self with our ‘conditioned’ self. This conditioned self is out of alignment with reality, which is perfection in our truest form.

Ultimately this leads to separation within ourselves, creating more resistance, stress and self-condemnation. Over time this causes the body to break down and stop doing what it so naturally does, which is to heal and repair itself.

Returning to what is…

To uncover and return to that which we are, we must start with the realization that we are neither our actions nor our conditioned self. As we rise to this understanding we realize that we can only act as wisely as our prevailing awareness permits. This leads to an experience of internal forgiveness from all past actions in life, leading to a complete release of all past pain. There are some great tips in the post 12 lessons of psycho-cybernetics, to aid with this process.

Only you can address this conditioning within yourself and at the level you address it, you experience this infinitely expanding love from within. You will become more able to fully embrace YOU unconditionally and lovingly with complete self-acceptance.

To me, it is like returning to our childhood state – the state before any pain, hurtful impressions, or conditioning. In this deeply present state we are able to experience the inner workings of life.

Know thyself, and thou shall know the universe.

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