Eradicating Fear

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When we are free from fear we are no longer held prisoner within our mind. If we sense danger we simply make a choice, but we avoid being stuck or frozen due to all of those fear-based what-if thoughts. We become more present and able to embrace life more openly and freely. It’s not about suppressing or ignoring our fears, as that will cause them to expand deeper within our subconscious. What I am advocating here is to dive into our fears, to really understand them. It’s through understanding that we regain our power and freedom.

What is needed, rather than running away or controlling or suppressing or any other resistance, is understanding fear; that means, watch it, learn about it, come directly into contact with it. We are to learn about fear, not how to escape from it.
~Jiddu Krishnamurti

Notice how as children we are fearless? Children naturally live from a more present state of mind. I remember when my daughter was learning how to walk. She would fall down and get right back up again laughing with joy. If she got hurt the tears came…but she never once stopped trying or thought about giving up. She continued to try until she learned how to walk. She remained very present in the entire process with great appreciation in discovering life. In her mind, life was a big playground. We can learn so much from observing children.

As we grow into adults it seems that we forget this very natural open and playful state of being. It’s as though we forget how to be present. When we are fully present we are completely free, we are fearless. If fears arise we naturally inquire and find ourselves free within.

Eradicating Fear…

What we focus on expands. So by focusing on fear (even eradicating it), the focus is actually on fear and the results are more resistance and fears. It’s paradoxical. If we shift our focus to the opposite, such as focusing on thoughts of freedom we experience more like thoughts. The same applies if we attempt to suppress our fears. For suppression only increases our resistance which leads to expanding fears at deeper unconscious levels. However, when we embrace our fears we begin to understand them and it’s through this experience of understanding, that our fears dissolve and we return back to our more present state of being. Here are four tips to serve as tools for helping you embrace and eradicate your fears.

1) Questioning fears…

By questioning our fears we are able to dive deeper into the fear itself and locate the association and source of where it stems from. We might find them associated to a conditioned belief, a past painful experience, or a story. Through the questioning we open an internal dialogue which brings us closer to the fear versus trying to avoid, suppress or run from it. It’s by going into the fear that expands our awareness and frees us from them and the limitations they impose.

2) Meditation…

Meditation is exercise for the mind. It’s much easier to start with quieting your mind then to try and control the 60,000 thoughts that we are believed to have on a daily basis. Many of these thoughts just recycle from the previous day until the patterns are changed. By taking a few minutes to sit with yourself and focus on your breath you will find great power over your thoughts and patterns. Meditation also helps our ability to become more present and embrace the freedom within.

3) Thought redirection…

As we redirect our thoughts we retrain our mind, building new pathways in the brain. To do this, we observe and acknowledge the fear without engaging in it, then immediately redirect to the opposite. For example, say you fear getting into an accident when you drive a car. Every time that fear comes up you immediately shift your focus to arriving at your destination after a safe and wonderful trip. It’s even more powerful when you add visualization with intense feeling under a relaxed state. You can also add affirmation statements such as “I am divinely guided and protected” or “I am safe and guided”, for example. What starts to happen is when the fear comes up, your automatic response changes and you immediately shift beyond the fear. Everything is habitual with the mind and when done under relaxed states the change can be instantaneous. Play with it and see what works best for you.

4) Visualization…

By visualizing yourself facing your fears in your imagination you are able to face them without subjecting yourself to harm’s way. While in a safe place take a few deep breaths to relax your mind and body and then visualize yourself facing the thing you fear – in your imagination. The source of the fear often reveals itself and as the fear vanishes we experience the freedom hidden from within it. Visualization exercises are very beneficial for embracing and eradicating fears. The science of neuroplasticity points out how our mind is pliable and changeable. Any new thought pattern repeated creates new pathways in the mind resulting in different mental habits and changed impressions.

As our fears diminish our love returns. We become like a child again returning back to that which we are – LOVE. We are able to once again embrace life more freely and live to our full potential.

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