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Affirmations are known as a quick and powerful method to change your thoughts and beliefs. In order for them to be effective what you affirm must invoke the ‘feeling’ for the change you desire. Have you ever affirmed one thing and experienced the opposite?

For example, let’s say you’re feeling sick and you desire health. You affirm “I am healthy” but while affirming this you are still acknowledging your senses, so what you affirm contradicts what you feel, and what you feel is what is accepted. When affirming in this manner you will likely experience more of the opposite.

What you affirm in words must align with your mental picture in your imagination.

Affirming health when you are sick is extremely challenging, as it requires engaging your thoughts with feeling, along with your ability to deny your senses. Without your senses blocking you, you’re more able to focus on the aspect of health as you say the words with intensified feeling. It’s much easier to do this with a quiet mind than a mind that is overwhelmed with thoughts and fears. A quiet mind allows for you to center your energy and amplify your point of focus with intensified feeling.

Affirmation instructions for health…

Place yourself in a comfortable position where you won’t be disturbed for at least a few minutes. Begin by focusing only on your breath as you relax while incorporating deep breathing. Then think of an image that implies health and hold that image. As you continue remain in the present moment and do not focus on your body or acknowledge your senses. Continue to take deep breaths as you focus on this image with strong feeling. Then affirm “I AM healthy” (or something alike) and continue to repeat this phrase until it feels real. You could also start with something like “I am becoming healthier” or “I am making positive changes with my health” depending on what is more easily acceptable for you.

Repeat these steps until you have a clear picture that captures the feeling and hold this image with feeling until it feels accepted. When health is fully accepted you will feel an immediate release in your mind and body and health will be the outcome. The more you work with your imagination, the easier it becomes to effectively visualize and feel what you affirm. Your beliefs play an important role here, for you can only achieve results according to your beliefs. By understanding and directing the power of your mind, you will see what is first accepted as true in the mind then reflects in the body.

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