A Metaphysical Approach to Building your Brand

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Your brand is your image. That is, how you are seen in the eyes of others and you are 100% in control of this perception. For others will see you and treat you as you first see and treat yourself. The outer is but a reflection of your inner state of being.

You are your most valuable asset, comprised of a unique combination of your talents, skills, beliefs and personal experiences. There is no one else in the world that matches your unique makeup. By understanding this first you become more able to develop and perfect your story.

Building your brand…

One of the keys to building your personal brand is by helping others understand how you are unique, by finding a way to simplify your ‘story’ in a manner that benefits others. It’s crucial to remain authentic as you do this for the more authentic you are the greater the connection. It’s human connection that allows for you to make a positive, lasting impact with your brand.

Make an outline of all your strengths and use that to balance any weaknesses you may have. Learn how to communicate effectively and clearly while remaining present. This allows for you to express yourself authentically without fear or judgment. Fear and judgment impacts your ability to communicate effectively and connect with others.

Power of presence…

There is great power in presence. In learning how to quiet your mind you come to a deeper understanding of yourself which awakens that deep confidence and security within. Take the time to connect to yourself in silence and work through all those limiting thoughts. From there, practice your story in your imagination through repetitive visualization.

Winston Churchill was known as a ‘natural’ with speeches and what most don’t realize was that he practiced his speeches for hours in front of a mirror (and in his imagination) so when he gave them physically they were perfected. Your imagination is one of your greatest assets for what you perfect in your imagination flows with great ease in physical reality.

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