Inspiration by Arnold Schwarzenegger on Obtaining Desires

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How often do you desire something and dismiss it or hold yourself back due to the opinions of others? Life stories are great for inspiration and motivation, for getting you back on track with your desires and goals.

Here is an excellent story about Arnold Schwarzenegger on his struggles and the methods he used to succeed in obtaining his desires. Its a great story about dealing with adversity, overcoming it, and striving for your desires and goals regardless of appearances or the opinions of others.

This video shows by example, through Arnold’s experiences and methods, the power of using your imagination as you focus on achieving the desired outcome and really striving towards your goals regardless of your circumstances.

Many years ago, I read one of Arnold’s interviews on body building as they asked for his secret to building his physique. One of his main points was visualization as he incorporated that daily into his workout routines.

There is a LOT of power in visualization. Learn how to direct your focus towards your desires and visualize them daily. Don’t allow anyone to stomp on your dreams, for you would not have had the inspiration if it was not for you to have that experience.

For the full story on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s blueprint for his success by watching this great video below.

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